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Organic Search optimization is the key to stable and significant online revenue. Get your site on the top of the ten, rank higher, and generate more qualified traffic and leads. Red Lion is a Google Partner that keeps learning about Search engine guidelines and technologies. First Let’s ucomprehend and establish a date base of keywords you wish to target.

1. Ux Design

The Seach engines are now set to analyze and understand how your user’s flow is doing and Web Design is affecting your audience’s or traffic’s engagement.

Our team is constantly learning about the best UX and UI Design practices. Get in touch with our experts for free consultation and recommendations; see where you are and what needs to be done to improve your UX and UI.

2. Technical and On Page Optimization

Your UX design is checked, and the algorithms will start analyzing how your site is technically and see if you have respected the following requirements :

Finally, they will look into your On-Page optimization and check if the following guidelines are implemented :

3. The Bottom line : Backlink Building.

Backlinks are the fuel of SEO. You will only rank higher if your site is visible on other online platforms. There are differents ways to build effective backlinks but you have to carefully analyze the online sources you share your website’s link in.

The Platforms you are collaborating with should highlight content related to your industry. Contact our experts to learn more about the best Backlinking strategies for your business.

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