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Differentiate your brand and make it look unique in your audience’s eyes with Red Lion. Find out the three key phases Red Lion looks at to establish your branding online.

1. Setting up your Online Branding Strategy

Before thinking about how to communicate about your brand, you need to understand which online platform your audience spends the most time on, which content they engage with most, and where they start their buying process.
Once we have determined and collected those pieces of information, we can set a successful content strategy that aligns with your Audience preference and differentiates your brand from its competitors.

2. Implementing your Branding strategy

Once we have analyzed your online competition, we will be able to conduct a reverse branding strategy for your company and make you stand out with effective brand signals across the online platforms in which your audience is primarily active.

Step by step, and with a deep Advertising strategy, your audience will start engaging and getting on with your brand, services, and values

3. Engagement & Brand Monitoring

 The Awareness phase is now reached. We can now establish a report and analyze how our strategy has worked. KPIs such as Brand Lift, Reach, and engagement rate can help us understand how our content marketing attracted your targeted audience and how to improve the current strategy.

Collecting data in the engagement phase of your project is crucial. That’s why our teams will closely monitor and analyze your brand’s visibility across the different channels the strategy has been developed. It is also essential to look at how your competition is doing at that time and establish Benchmark reports to confirm we are on the right path.

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